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Inspiration montage

Ever been inspired?

The pictures on this page are some of the cars that have inspired us. It all started when my wife Maria wanted to learn to drive (well that was the excuse), and I suggested that we bought an old Beetle to learn in. Several years later and a fascination for obscure cars has led us to our reproduction Hebmuller.

Amongst the cars above you will see a Tatra, Stoll coupe, Auto Union, Porsche Spyder replica, etc. As the site develops I will expand on these to give others the same inspiration we got for our project.

The first car that really made us think about VWs again was Bernard Newbury's Karmann Ghia. After picking up that issue of Volksworld all those years ago I became obsessed, but of course this hadn't been our first VW.

Back in the late 70's my father owned a Variant. It was a California import with fuel injection that always leaked. That was the first car I ever drove. Later on we had a Bay window camper (Devon Eurovette conversion). I remember doing 'reversing round the corner' leading up to my driving test on that vehicle. My first car was a VW Polo, bright yellow with a 997cc engine.

Once I had caught sight of the beautiful Hebmüllers in various books I wanted one!

Now, according to Hebmüller’s own paperwork around 750 Type 14a cabriolets were actually built. Sales figures claim a figure just under 700. With between 50 and perhaps 100 cars in the world in various states of repair, what are the chances of ever owning one? Exactly, so we decided to try and build one instead.