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The pictures on this page are of some of the car as it was being rebuilt. I will eventually replace/add to them.

We bought an old beetle for the chassis, engine and parts, stripped it down (in 3 weekends) and started restoration. Wizard said they may be able to do a fibreglass decklid too. With help from Mark Richardson, the floorpans were replaced and the engine rebuilt.

In 1995 we were offered the current body which was actually built by Resurrection Panels in Australia, but supplied by Wizard. The car had already been pictured in books, but it turned up minus doors and glass! The decklid was built by a Rolls Royce body worker from Aluminium.

Resurrection Panels has since ceased trading, as has Wizard. They made a good job of converting complete, old Beetles by hand to replicate the Hebmüller and Karmann cabriolets. Unfortunately it was too labour intensive, and after only a handful of replicas being built they had to stop.

After several years of collecting all the correct parts, and eviction from our rented garage, we rang Simon Emery and the car went over to the Paintbox. There it was fitted with a ‘new’ old dashboard, a pair of semaphore indicators, a pair of old grooved bumpers, and the correct rear lights. The rear lights have a diode system fitted so that they can function as indicators (operated by an after market indicator stalk), rear lights and brake lights. A ‘centre’ brake light has been added to the decklid nose for safety. The original semaphores work from the dashboard switch. They also built the doors and fitted original post sections.

Our rebuilt engine was swapped over for a 1641cc Remtec unit running Dell’Orto DRLA 40’s, and the exhaust is a Flat Four ‘Abarth’ system. Mechanically the car has been built to drive and have fun in. This car is not just to look at!

After all of the work at the Paintbox it was Bernard Newbury’s turn. The header bow was replaced and the hood finished in a darker red mohair, the lining done in a light faun wool. A thick pad helps keep the distinguishing shape. The seats were covered in an off-white vinyl as were the door panels. The new carpet extends into the boot area behind the rear seat giving a very usable luggage space. An interior light was also fitted. Threshold plates add to the sporty feel of the car.

The car went back to the Paintbox for final adjustment and we finally had our car in December 2002.

Body and paint: the Paintbox
Hood and interior: Bernard Newbury
Engine: VW Heritage Parts Centre
Carburettors: Wolfsburg Performance Services
Parts: Owen Warlow, Jim Murray, Robin Allen, VolksAuthority (San Jose), West Coast Metric, the Paintbox.
Special thanks to Mark Richardson for the early stages of the project, and Simon Emery for looking after everything.